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How to Shrink Crocs that are Big? [7 Simple Step]

How to Shrink Crocs? Crocs are popular because of their style and comfort, but wearing a size that is too small or too big will make you uncomfortable.

One of the excellent ways that many found compelling is using heat and moisture to make the shrinking process effective. With the right combination of the two elements, you will surely achieve your goal to shrink your crocs.

To fulfill this method, you will use:

  • A dryer that you will use for clothes
  • Wet, thick fabric or set of wet towels

If you have crocs that you wish to shrink, make sure your material doesn’t get stretched too much or damage it. Here are some simple steps to shrink your crocs. Follow the seven steps carefully.

7 Simple Steps to Shrink your Big Crocs

Step 1: Set Timer On The Dryer

Many people wonder why they need a dryer to shrink their crocs. Maybe you think you would go out of your mind. However, many people have used dryers to shrink their crocs successfully. So, are you ready to shrink your crocs using a dryer?

The first step that you will do is to set the temperature and timer on the device. The most important part of this step is not to mess up the time. Why is that so? This is because if you increase the temperature too much, it will cause damage to your crocs. And you don’t want that to happen to your crocs. Therefore, run the dryer for only 10 minutes on medium heat.

How to Shrink Crocs that are Big

Step 2: Put your Crocs & Two Wet Towels in the Dryer

After setting the temperature and timer of your dryer, you will then open the machine and put in your crocs together with two wet towels. But wait, you need to wrap your crocs with two wet towels. Why is that so? Wet towels are essential to the process. This is because the wetness of the towel will moisten the material that your crocs are made of. Thus, please make sure those towels are wet before you use them.

Step 3: Proceed and Keep an Eye to the Dryer

You can now begin the dryer’s cycle after putting in your crocs and the wet towels. Ensure that you observe the process by not leaving the machine and watching the entire process. You must be careful not to let the dryer’s heat exceed a certain level.
The reason for this is that overheating can distort crocs’ materials. This will lead to permanent damage to your crocs. Nevertheless, if you follow these steps correctly, the crocs should be smaller at this time. Are you excited?

Step 4: Examine your Crocs

We have already mentioned that you will need not leave the dryer. And, when the
dryer’s timer will ring, take your crocs out from the machine.

Step 5: Take out your Crocs from the Dryer and Prepare Three Pairs of Socks

As soon as you are about to take out your crocs, utilize something to keep you from burns as your crocs is extremely hot. Also, get your crocs immediately as the heat will prolong, putting your crocs in a complicated situation.
Additionally, prepare three pairs of thick socks as you will use them in fitting your shrunken crocs.

How to Shrink Crocs that are Big

Step 6: Wear Three Pairs of Thick Socks and Get Ready to Fitting your Crocs

Please be careful when you remove your crocs. Use something to keep you from burns as your crocs are hot. Also, don’t be surprised when the size of your crocs changes because they will appear smaller this time.
Before you fit them, wear the three pairs of thick socks while hot and wear them until cool.

Step 7: Fit your Crocs and Walk Aroundhick Socks and Get Ready to Fitting your Crocs

Now you have to wear your crocs over three pairs of socks, try to walk around. As you are walking, you will feel different because the process you have followed is effective. Similarly, if you feel that your crocs are a bit shrunken, or you are not comfortable wearing them, take off one pair of socks and put them on again.
Walk around, and once you feel more comfortable, your crocs now fits perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much can you shrink crocs

How much can you shrink crocs?

Yes, you can shrink your crocs but, how much can you shrink them? The answer to this is it depends.

While you can shrink your crocs using a dryer and wet towels, you can also expose your crocs to the heat of the sun to make them smaller. Be mindful that the longer you expose your crocs to heat, the more it will become smaller.

Therefore, when you do any of the processes mentioned, always keep a close eye on the process to not damage your crocs, and you don’t wish this to occur.

How To Un-Shrink Crocs Shoes That Have Shrunk?

You may have shrunk your crocs because they were exposed to too much sun, left in a hot car, or washed in a dishwasher.

Whatever reasons you have, one effective way to do the trick is to put it in boiling water.

The boiling water will relax your crocs. However, you must not put them longer than one minute as it will damage your crocs.

Before you slip your foot into freshly boiled Crocs, try putting on 3 or 4 pairs of thick socks. The socks will help stretch the Crocs out.

Why will your Crocs Not Shrink in a Boling Water?

Although crocs shrink in heat and dryers, it is not the case in boiling water. Boiling water will not shrink your crocs because it relaxes the leather of the crocs and makes them looser. Instead of shrinking your crocs in boiling water, it will do the opposite way. 

For you to be able to shrink your crocs, choose to put them in the dryer together with wet towels.

Here’s a fact about your crocs in hot water. The hot water may loosen the fibers, so your Crocs will stretch over time. They won’t shrink but will be able to be stretched with hot water.

Do Crocs Outstretch When you Wear them?

When you wear crocs for a long time, they will stretch, but not too much. If you get crocs in a small size, you will not worry because eventually, it will widen by always wearing your crocs, making them fit for you.

It is vital to remember that the crocs do not stretch more when you always wear them. Still, eventually, a slight stretch will occur. If you want to extend them further, place them in boiling water.

It is crucial not to dry them as it will make the method ineffective, causing them to shrink. This will only make the situation more complicated.

Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun?

Yes, Crocs can be shrink in high heat, But it depends on the countryside and weather. If temperature in quite high then corcs can be shrink in the sun otherwise not.

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